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Wrestlers post season goals pinned

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Despite three top-10 placings, the high hopes of the eight Wenatchee High School wrestlers who went to Regionals were dashed after none qualified for State at Pasco High School on Feb. 15.

Senior Kris Garrett and junior Kole Davis each took fifth in the 145-pound and 195-pound weight classes, while junior Cody Schuyleman took sixth place in the 145-pound weight class at Regionals tournament, a tournament that Coach Ed Valdez said was “the toughest out of the four regional tournaments.”

The loss was felt the most by Garrett who, despite making it to State last year, was blocked from going to Regionals in his final year of wrestling.

“Regionals is tough because we’re up against the Spokane league and the Tri-Cities league and it’s a battle for State. Everyone wants to wrestle their best because it might be their last time wrestling that year or their last time wrestling,” Schuyleman said.

“We’re mixed emotionally with eight kids that wrestled and no one qualifying for State, so it’s pretty disappointing for kids. But six wrestlers will be returning next year who now have post-season experience, so it’s something to look forward to,” Valdez said. “I’m choosing to look at this in a positive way.”

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