UPDATE: Body found by Foothills Middle School students

The Apple Leaf originally reported that Foothills was placed on a temporary lockdown due to the finding of a body near the school. Officials at the middle school have now confirmed that no lockdown was issued and the day continued as planned.

The body was found Oct. 10 in the 1500 block of Maple Street by students of Foothills Middle School.

The WPD informed FMS that there was “no threat or safety concern for students,” according to Wenatchee School District Superintendent Brian Flones.

An investigation has revealed that the man, 38-year-old Michael W. Andruss, drowned in 12 inches of water in the ditch, according to The Wenatchee World. Alcohol played a role in the death according to the report by Chelan County coroner Wayne Harris.

An automated phone message was sent out to all parents of Foothills Middle School from their principal Mark Goveia which indicated that Foothills was in constant communication with the police department and that everything was fine to proceed in the school.

Flones said that FMS has provided counseling support for the students that initially noticed the body and will continue to provide help if needed by the students.

Some information in this story was provided by The Wenatchee World.