What’s trending?


Kiana Wilson

Junior Brenda Onofre sports a pink scarf in her trending outfit of the month.

A compilation of what’s trending this month. 


Maybe it all began when photos of “it girl” supermodel Cara Delevingne rocking witty beanies emerged online, or maybe it is just a result of living near snowy slopes. Regardless, knit hats have become the fashion statement of Wenatchee High School students. Despite not being allowed in class, this accessory has still built its presence through football games, weekends, and Twitter profile photos of boys and girls alike. Though slouchy crochet beanies will do, if you truly want to jump on the bandwagon, select a more tightly knit beanie embroidered with an “I don’t care” phrase on the front. Trust us, you will look “cool” while keeping warm.

#turnup and #turndownforwhat?

Whether in hashtag or a turnip emoji form, this urban phrase has taken the social media world, particularly Twitter, by storm. Originally referring to explicit behavior, students now squeeze this term in tweets about even the most innocent, boring behavior granted that they are feeling a bit a sassy or sarcastic. If a few characters are left to spare, #turndownforwhat? is added in order for followers to consider the critical question, why not be turnt up #rn? However, those who are truly savvy drop the phrase during verbal conservations about any subject, most notably in the form of a random shout. Yes, that’s right. #Turnup and #turndownforwhat? have officially reached #yolo and #swag status.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Come November and the sense of thankfulness washes over us, especially teenage guys. Not only can they neglect from shaving their faces and dedicate a whole day to pigging out and watching football, but new version of Call of Duty comes out once again. Thank the makers behind this video game franchise, who know how boring it gets to shoot the same targets for a whole year, and to your rescue they released the ever original Call of Duty: Ghosts on Nov. 5. This time the story takes place 10 years after a tragic event shattered global balance of power and now a group of elite soldiers wage war on an unseen power. For the rest of the student body who could care less, this means one thing: You are going to see a good amount of sleep deprived, distracted, and slightly insane faces out there.


With fall in full stride and winter just around the corner, girls are embracing the cold-weather look and with that comes scarves. Though always an autumn staple, girls seem to have completely fallen head over heels this year for the accessory with it being easier to find a swathed neck in a classroom than to not. Perhaps the reason behind the growth spurt in this trend is how versatile scarves can be. From infinity, to pashmina, to chunky crochet, there is a scarf in any color for any outfit in any style. No matter how you tie it, throwing on a scarf can elevate even the most basic tee and jeans, just know that with everyone wearing them now, it will only take you to the average “stylish-girl” look.

Grey Yoga Pants

Phenomenons, from small to large, all evolve in their lifetimes. One of the most magnificent phenomenon apparent at WHS, yoga pants, has recently undergone an intriguing innovation; the transition from from black to grey. While previous school years are characterized with seas of black legs in the hall, we have observed the epidemic in a lighter shade this year. Are grey yoga pants just as slimming? That’s debatable. Are grey yoga pants just as see-through? Depends on the brand. Are grey yoga pants just as comfortable? You bet. And that, fellow students, is the most important factor to consider when deciding whether to test the new grey waters. Remember, grey yoga pants pack all that chic comfort that made you adore their black counterparts in the first place, but come in the 2013 color update.


Do you like the idea of asking that one person that one question while staying anonymous and receiving a genuine answer? Well, ask.fm is going to dissapoint you. Based on the idea of asking users any question with the option of anonymity, this site has turned into a playground of pointless questions, insults, friends referring to inside jokes, and cheesy pickup lines. With such types of questions, you can’t blame those answering them to rely on the same level of seriousness and occasionally, not answering them at all. Regardless of how much someone pleads via Twitter to ask them a question, the best way get an honest answer remains face to face, not screen to screen.


We know that everyone loves some kind of music, but there still is a great need to broadcast what exact song and artist you are currently digging, hence the hashtag np or now playing. With the popular movement to tweet this hashtag with a picture of the track, Twitter stalkers now have a more complete picture of their victims. This is especially informative when the music choice is currently being tweeted by the rest of the school’s population. Unoriginal and boastful? That’s a prime tweet right there.

#WCW/#MCM/tweeting ugly pictures of a friend

Who doesn’t feel better when putting someone down for their looks? Not the school’s Twitter population, who have recently taken up posting less than flattering pictures of their friends on social media. Whether you make it your header, profile picture, or tweet them as you women crush wednesday or man crush monday, it’s all fun and games to upload that “accidental” photo stashed on your phone. However, once you commence this behavior, be prepared for “who can post the ugliest photo” competition between you and your pal to begin. What else are friends for, right?

Nike sweatpants

Guys, rejoice! It has become more and more socially acceptable to wear sweatpants in public,  which finally gives you the equivalent of girls’ yoga pants. No longer will you have to freeze in basketball shorts only for the comfort; sweats give you the length, thus warmth, of jeans while remaining as comfy as can be. Nike is always a safe bet when it comes to brands, and when feeling ever rakish, top that with elite socks and Jordan flip-flops. You are golden.

Herschel backpacks

Stylish yet practical, the Herschel backpack brings students the best of both worlds. Girls are throwing their shoulder bags and guys their North Face backpacks on the ground with liberation because they have finally found a bag with two straps, customizable colors and design, and roomy space. This means if you haven’t joined the camo movement, now’s your chance with a purchase of a camo Herschel. Or if you are tired of implying you hike or take part in any physical activity due to your sporty bag, you can stop pretending because this new kind of backpack only reflects on your good taste. What else is more true to you than a backpack the whole rest of the school body is snatching up?

English riding, Hunter, and UGG boots

Boots are practically synonymous of the word fall, so it should come with little surprise that a girl’s default fall/winter outfit relies on this tall footwear. Breaking onto the scene in fall 2012, the English riding boot is starting to get a bit old, yet plenty of girls are still stuck on this look, so don’t feel ashamed if you have a few pairs in your closet. Those who have managed to jump off the bandwagon are experimenting with Hunter rain boots sans the rain, combat boots, and heeled booties. Want to really get ahead? Invest in a pair of Doc Martens, the classic British boot brand that has yet to make it big in Wenatchee. If you are considering going the UGG route, be aware of the footprints you are about to follow. These boots have been around for ages and new combinations of sequins, buttons, or colors can only be so refreshing.


Girls wearing sporty headbands? So middle school. Guys wearing sporty headbands? So 2013. Even if you don’t have long hair to push out of your eyes, or play any sports, pop culture suggests guys should wear a headband or tie up a bandana once in a while. Yes, this may require making a stop or two in the women’s hair section in Target, but the result is so worth it. Not only will you showcase your bravery to be “different” and embrace your feminine side, you will finally have the luxury to switch up your hairdo. Come on, you have to admit buzzcuts and short hair gets boring.