New school board members finally chosen

After a close election race, Jennifer Talbot and Robert W. Sealby have officially won the  Wenatchee School District School Board Member election that occurred Nov. 5.

According to the polls, the candidates were neck and neck until results were confirmed Nov. 26. Sealby, receiving 50.33% of the votes, narrowly beat returning opponent Gary Callison, who received 49.67% of the vote for the Wenatchee School Board Position No. 4. In competition for Wenatchee School Board Position No. 5, Talbot received 53.11% of the vote, beating Ryan Kelso, who had 46.89% of the vote.

Sealby is a parent of children who have been through the Wenatchee School system, and is a lawyer with decision-making experience. Talbot is also a newcomer with leadership and School Board experience prior to her elected position.

The new members will have their first official meeting as school board members Dec. 10 according to Sealby.

Talbot’s and Sealby’s first concern will be addressing the upcoming election on Feb. 11 concerning the $66.5 million bond issued to improve four schools in the community.

“I’m supportive of the bond. I visited the four schools to see the facility’s challenges and the building’s needs, and I will hopefully be out in the community asking our citizens and property owners to vote yes,” Talbot said.

Supportive of the bond as well, Sealby is anticipating the second phase of the bond, which will provide $30 million to Wenatchee High School and Foothills Middle School in 2017. “This [phase one] is just the first step. [Phase two] can bring improvement to all of the schools, especially high school congestion. Wenatchee High School is overcrowded.”

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