BREAKING: Kuntz to replace Franza as Dean of Students in 2014-15


Athletic Director BJ Kuntz

Wenatchee High School’s Athletic Director BJ Kuntz has been named Dean of Students for the 2014-15 school year, announced this morning by WHS Principal Bob Celebrezze.

Current Dean of Students Mike Franza will be retiring at the end of the year. Celebrezze asked Wenatchee School District Superintendent Brian Flones for permission to ask Kuntz to take the position, as it’s an administrative position assignment. Nobody else was considered for the position, Celebrezze said.

“I’m really excited to serve our school in a different capacity,” Kuntz said this morning. She’s “putting on a different hat,” and is excited to support Celebrezze and be a part of the leadership team at WHS.

Kuntz said the transition is also bittersweet, noting that she will miss the staff she gets to work with. “We have really quality coaches and quality kids.”

The dean position is still evolving, Kuntz said, after Franza took the position this school year. It was created and has been piloted by Franza.

“I don’t think he’ll ever really be done with Wenatchee High School. It’s too much a part of his life,” Celebrezze said. “But his leaving is a real bummer to me.”

Kuntz will begin in her new position in August. The athletic director position will need to be filled, and Kuntz said she wants to help the next director be as successful as possible, offering any help and support she can give.

”It was such an easy decision,” Celebrezze said. “She loves kids, she’s been here for years, I know her well, and she’s taught at the high school and Orchard Middle School as well. What really sold me was that she loves Wenatchee High School.”

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