High school homepage hack allegations false


WHS Principal Bob Celebrezze

Both Principal Bob Celebrezze and Webmaster Todd Busse have denied the allegation that the Wenatchee High School main website was hacked, regarding current rumors and pictures circulating WHS.

“Someone took a screenshot of the site and then edited it in Photoshop. Unfortunately it’s really easy to do that because there’s lots of different ways. But they did not break into the server,” Busse said.

With recent graffiti tagging occurring at both WHS and Eastmont High School, the Internet hack has been added to the list of concerns for Celebrezze. “It’s an ongoing investigation with the East Wenatchee Police Department and the Wenatchee Police Department,” Celebrezze said. “They have their suspicions as to who did this, with all three incidents connected… the East Wenatchee incident, the incident here, and the Internet ‘hack.’ All three have a lot in common.”

The photoshopping stunt was also done by an outsider. “It would appear it was not a WHS student that did the photoshopping,” Celebrezze said, declining further comment on the evidence that led to this conclusion.

No changes will be made to the school Internet policy in response to this issue. “As far as the website, it’s a harmless incident, but it’s not productive for the school. It went around and it was big, and they put derogatory things on the hack,” Busse said.