Talented senior Gabe Massey strives to become a musician

Releases first album to the public


Kiana Wilson

His love for the violin, with help from dad, sparked senior Gabe Massey’s dedication of music. Massey also plays the bass, the guitar, the drums, and the ukelele and the piano.

A rhythmic beat is produced as senior Gabe Massey drums his fingers along the desk absent-mindedly. No nervous signs are shown as Massey is asked questions pertaining to his ambitious mind. Although an aspiring musician, Massey keeps a humble tone as he shares his passion for making music and what makes him who he is today.

It all started back in fourth grade as a young Massey was introduced to the violin by his music teacher. His love for the violin and help from his dad launched him into his dedication to music as he picked up a guitar one short year later. Today, Massey has a wide range of talent and plays the bass, the guitar, the drums, the ukulele, and the piano.

Massey is influenced not only by his parents, but also by his infatuation with bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Brand New, The Killers, Radio Head, Coldplay, and many more within the genre of rock and alternative-rock. He described his own music as leaning more towards the classification of rock.

“The dream is to become a professional musician,” Massey said.

With this year being his last year in high school, he has big dreams and plans to follow through with them. “[Making music] is something that I do well and enjoy. I spend a lot of time on my music, so if I could think of anything I’d like to do forever, it’d be this,” Massey said when asked about why music became the choice for his future.

He hopes to move to Seattle in the near future because he sees it as somewhere that music has clout and impacted on most streets and corners. His enthusiasm is evident when asked about music and what he wishes to become; not only by his words, but also through his actions. 

It’s a good way to let emotion out. I incorporate the emotions into sounds I like.”

— Massey

On Oct. 1 his album hit iTunes, making his music available to the public and creating building blocks for his recognition and success. To access his work, those interested can type in Massey’s stage name, “The Hobby.” Because he already released some music on Spotify, he was not that new to the scene. He reasoned that by releasing his work on iTunes there would be a factor of convenience, since iTunes is much more known for acquiring music.

Having played at the past two proms, the talent show, and for an audience during Apple Blossom, Massey is well accustomed to playing with others and in a band setting. While currently he is playing solo, Massey is not opposed to being in a band with other musically inclined friends. Writing his own songs makes Massey an important member due to his desire to produce and play music. “It’s a good way to let emotion out,” Massey said, “I incorporate the emotions into sounds I like, and it’s also fun.”

When Massey isn’t making music, you can find him browsing the web or playing video games, like most other teenage boys. “My dad’s inspirational to me in a way; he inspires me to do my best at all the stuff I do. So basically my parents are my inspiration, as cliche as that sounds,” says Massey.

His dad was the one who got him his first acoustic guitar, which he learned to play, and still enjoys playing it.

“I’ve been making music by myself for all of this time, and I can’t play the music live by myself, because it has multiple parts. Once I have a group of people I feel can play my stuff well, I’ll start playing my music live,” Massey said.

Music once only “looked cool” to Massey, but now it’s his reality and he continues to follow his dream.