Opinion Editor chooses top five places to sled


Opinion Editor Kiana Wilson

Spot #1: Eastmont Junior High

If you’re willing to make the trip across the river, Eastmont Junior High School, on the corner of Eighth Street and North Grover Avenue, has a steep hill right next to the school track that’s sure to give you and your friends some wild downhill adventures.

Spot #2: Sterling Middle School, East Wenatchee

The sight of many Little League baseball fields and soccer fields, the Eastmont Sterling Middle School field on the corner of Eighth Street and North James Avenue has lots of space and a great hill to enjoy sledding.

Spot #3: Lincoln Park

The favorite spot for all ages, Lincoln Park is the perfect place to take the kids you’re babysitting, your visiting cousins, or your friends to be surrounded by those who love to sled, between Crawford Avenue and South Mission Street.

Spot #4: Leavenworth

Take a day trip out to Leavenworth, and you will find plenty of spots to set your sled down and enjoy the snow while exploring the outdoors surrounding the cozy town of Leavenworth. Without a doubt, you can always find a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm up with after your sledding adventures in town. Sledding is also popular at Front Street Park between Highway 2 and Ninth Street in the center of town.

Spot #5: Mission Ridge

And you thought Mission Ridge was just for skiing. Next time you’re on the way down from Mission Ridge on Squilchuck Road, take the time to stop your car, pull out your sled and enjoy the snow piled up alongside the road. But make sure you’re careful. Traffic on this road can be heavy.