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What would people do without Netflix?

Features Editor Jordan Gonzalez

Features Editor Jordan Gonzalez

Features Editor Jordan Gonzalez

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It’s everywhere. Everyone has one, everyone uses one, everyone is addicted to it. It seems as though there is no escaping. No I’m not talking about drugs. I’m taking about a Netflix account. Or, actually, maybe I am talking about a drug. Anyway, there is a very small population in the world that does not use Netflix. It got me thinking, what would life be like without Netflix?

1. People would get more sleep.

Netflix is a tool for when you are in the need of some relaxation, but let’s be honest, there is nothing relaxing about staying up until 3 a.m. to figure out who “A” is. By this time of achingly-early morning, you’ve probably gone insane and your eyes might not ever work right again. That little notice that told you that the next episode starts in 3…2…1 really keeps people motivated. I think it might be safe to say that more people could get a healthy eight hours of shut-eye every night if Netflix was not a thing.

2. People would go outside.

The outside world is a pretty gnarly place. Especially to someone who constantly has their focus on a screen. There are people out there (ew, gross) and there is fresh air to breath in. I’m not sure if people know this, so I’m trying to ease into it. When people are binge-watching a new TV show they have never heard of, they forget that animals like birds and plants like flowers exist.

3. People would get work done.

After a long Monday at school, there is almost a guarantee that there will still be work to be done. Usually an hour or two of homework can be done within that amount of time, but not with Netflix. When the school day ends, students go home and tell themselves that they will only watch one episode. That “one episode” ends up becoming a whole season and suddenly it is Tuesday.

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