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Staff Reporter Troy Price

Staff Reporter Troy Price

Staff Reporter Troy Price

What to do on your Leap Day

February 29, 2016

Every four years it happens. That dreaded day of uncertainty and downright unlimited possibilities. The only day that keeps Valentine’s day from the exact middle day of February. That’s right, Feb 29, and it’s come again to reap its vengeance… Or not, if you know how to spend it. With this handy dandy idea list, even the most paranoid of individuals will be safe from the freedom that is Feb 29.

Let’s say that you’re a lazy person who practically has a lifelong subscription to Netflix, and you also don’t know how to spend your Feb 29. Lucky for you, that day can be just like all the rest in your simple, yet relaxing, life. Who’s to say that you can’t sit around and watch your favorite programs as your retinas slowly melt away… That’s right, nobody. So let them melt, let your body become one with your couch, and let your life pass by as you do absolutely nothing productive, for it is your life which can be lived however you want it to.

If you’re actually someone who likes to do productive things, and if you would much rather do something that is more likely to be noticed, then this idea fits the bill perfectly. It’s rather quite simple, just take over the world. Imagine, the whole world moving at simply a wave of your finger. Not to mention, you’ll succeed where all other tyrannical, power hungry, narcissistic leaders of the world have fail. From Napoleon to Joseph Stalin, and Hitler to Mussolini, these individuals would be jealous of your accomplishment. If you fail, however, then people can only celebrate your failure every four years, which makes it a win-win no matter how you look at it.

If you’re someone who has special dietary habits, and you know who you are, then this idea could appeal to you. Let’s say you dislike eating meat, let’s say you refuse to eat meat, and let’s say that it sometimes calls to you. This could be your chance to not feel guilty about it. You don’t want to admit it, but you want to find some way to keep it a secret. Just establish the day on Feb 29, and no one needs to know. It will be infrequent enough to keep it on the down-low, and you’ll still satisfy your craving. The guilty feeling will be held at bay for four times as long as well.

If any of those options don’t work, then this last option might just do the trick. February has been known for the tendencies of love and affection, so this option works in more ways than one. All you have to do is get married… Simple enough right? Find someone you wouldn’t mind spending the rest of your life with and just pop the question, “Wanna get married today?” This would make the wedding even more special because it’s spur of the moment, full of strong feelings, and the anniversary would be every four years. This is even better for couples with less money, because then you only have to celebrate your anniversary four times as less as everyone else, and save four times as much money.

Hopefully this list has been helpful to those who don’t know how to spend their Feb 29. Even if you don’t feel like these ideas apply to you, there’s no reason why you couldn’t try them anyway. And if you really don’t want to try these, then there’s no reason why you can’t make up your own special plans. Just have fun with this special day which only comes around every four years.

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