HOMECOMING: Students strut their sleepwear

Morgan Narby, Staff Reporter

Pajama Day is basically every high schooler’s dream; arriving to your classes in footie pajamas, slippers, robes, or whatever else your preferred form of bedtime comfort may be makes the burden of high school much easier.

Sophomore Jillian Lenicka

Megan Narby
Sophomore Jillian Lenicka

For sophomore Jillian Lenicka, her festive pajamas of choice was a Dr. Seuss inspired ‘Thing 1,” onesie.

“My sister wore the same one for pajama day during her junior year in 2013,” Lenicka said.

She said that her experience walking around the school in a bright red onesie with cartoon heads on the feet was both embarrassing and fun.

“People liked my school spirit, and I made friends with people who also wore onesies,” Lenicka said.
Whether they were pajamas for sheer comfort or to show off outrageous novelty PJs, many students embraced their sassy sleepwear with pride on Monday.