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OPINION: Calm down about the schedule change

November 29, 2016

Staff Reporter Aria Tornabene

Staff Reporter Aria Tornabene

Staff Reporter Aria Tornabene

The convoluted array of classes, periods, and available teachers who serve our school’s massive student body makes the high school scheduling process no easy task. Most of us are aware of next year’s proposed schedule, set in place in response to new statewide Core 24 requirements. This change will provide students with a credit buffer, creating flexibility to meet the state requirements for graduation and allowing students to take more interesting elective classes.

It’s understandable that this change sparks discomfort in students and their families; sentiments were similar three years ago when our current schedule was implemented from a six-period day. That being said, the cynical protests coming from parents against next year’s schedule change need to stop. To publicly discredit the school administration’s capacity to make the best decision for our student body is disrespectful, and a huge dismissal of all the time and research that WHS teachers have put into finding a schedule that can work for everyone. It’s insulting to any professional to suggest that you, as an inexperienced person in their field, could somehow do their job or make better decisions.

No one is out to ruin music, AP or other elective classes. Countless hours of training and research have been put into finding a way to do just the opposite.

The important thing is for every student to feel that high school is a place where they have the opportunity to succeed; the credit buffer provided by the new schedule will do just that. So engage in a little pragmatism and flexibility and let the professionals do their jobs. As parents, I’d hope sympathizing with an effort to help students who would risk not graduating under the current schedule would come as second nature to you.

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2 Responses to “OPINION: Calm down about the schedule change”

  1. Dan ellwood on November 29th, 2016 4:52 pm

    Thank you Aria for your support and words of kindness and wisdom ?

  2. Cindy goodell on November 29th, 2016 8:28 pm

    Just curious, if 35 schools in Washington went to this 4×4 schedule, what are only 2 still doing it? That is NOT a good statistical success rate for this change. Also, how do you justify paying for a trip to study this format in another state, when we they should have been talking to the 35 schools that tried it in our state, and why did all but 2 quite the program.

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