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Poll: Majority of WHS staff prefers 4×4 schedule

November 16, 2016

Following a tension-filled schedule selection process that was met with parent criticism, Wenatchee High School Principal Eric Anderson has reached out to the staff for feedback on four schedule options.

WHS Principal Eric Anderson

WHS Principal Eric Anderson

Teachers were emailed examples of new proposed block schedules last week and asked to give their feedback on whether or not they would support the possibilities. Fifty-two percent of 109 teachers polled said they would prefer the 4×4 schedule over the other schedules presented, 37 percent said that they would prefer a 5×5 trimester schedule, 7.5 percent said that they would prefer a 7-period A/B Block schedule, and 3.7 percent said that would prefer a modified 7-period block.

Teachers were instructed by Anderson to complete a survey via email as soon as possible. The options:



  • The first option, a 5×3 Trimester Block, includes 62-minute periods with students enrolled in five courses at a time, with 12-week trimesters. Most year-long classes would run two trimesters, and semester long classes would be one trimester.


  • The second option, a 7 Period A/B Block has students enrolled in seven classes at a time with three 90- minute block periods on an A/B rotation; as well as one 46-minute class running every day, all year long.


  • The Modified 7-Period Block has 46-minute periods three days a week and 89-minute periods two days a week, with students enrolled in seven classes. All classes are either year-long or semester long.


  • The 4 Period Hybrid Block has students enrolled in four to seven classes at a time, with three 90-minute block courses on an A/B rotation, and one 90-minute block as a semester only.



In all versions, teachers would have daily prep periods.

The options were met with conflicting opinions from teachers.

AP Studio art teacher Don Collins

AP Studio art teacher Don Collins

“I wasn’t able to wrap my mind around one of them [Modified 7-Period Block],” art teacher Don Collins said. “I like the idea of longer class periods having a studio art class, so I favor the 4 Period Hybrid block. The 62-minute periods in the 5×3 schedule would be too stressful for staff.”

“The 7 Period A/B block is interesting to me. I like the idea of having Panther Time and longer periods,” language teacher Carrie Christensen said. “As for the 5×3, I’m concerned about student retention. The 4 Period hybrid has similar problems, teaching at an accelerated rate could be difficult [with one semester long class]. It would be easier to have classes rotating on an A/B schedule all year.”

Principal Eric Anderson said that the new schedule propositions were brought forward by parents, and teacher input is important to the decision-making process.

“We wanted to know how our staff felt about the three other schedules,” Anderson said.

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