WHS Knowledge Bowl takes third at State competition

Morgan Narby, Staff Reporter

The Wenatchee High School Knowledge Bowl team placed third overall at their state competition in Arlington last weekend.

Senior Hendrik Keyser

Knowledge Bowl is a Trivial Pursuit-style competition where teams compete to answer short, timed questions about various topics. It tests students’ skills in multiple areas of expertise in a competitive environment, each question having a 15-second window to answer.

Knowledge Bowl captain Hendrik Keyser was proud of how the team performed giving credit to the team’s coach, English teacher Chris Cloke.
“When Mr. Cloke told us we were one of the top placing teams, I was honestly amazed. My brother did Knowledge Bowl when he was in high school and he was way better than I am… The highest their team ever placed was 6th,” Keyser said. “Our team works really well together.”

“I’ve always enjoyed learning things. Knowledge Bowl is a good opportunity to show what you know and be around people who like learning too,” Keyser said.