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Inspire Club raises marijuana awareness

Moses Lurbur, Editor-in-Chief

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Inspire Club partnered with Together for Youth and the Listen 2 Your Selfie campaign yesterday during lunch to raise marijuana awareness. The display featured a booth with educational pamphlets and props for taking selfies with friends. Students were also asked to share what was important to them that they could risk losing due to marijuana use.

WHS Prevention/ Intervention Specialist and Inspire Club adviser Amy McCubbin

“The note to selfie campaign is about what you can lose if you use marijuana. We’re just trying to focus on the positives of why not to use [marijuana],” Inspire club adviser Amy McCubbin, said. “There’s a lot of conversation among kids but the reality is most kids aren’t using marijuana. Statistically, across the board high schoolers are not. We just want to have that conversation today.”

TOGETHER! For Youth’s prevention coordinator, Hailey Croci contacted Inspire Club about the possible partnership. She said that the Listen 2 your Selfie campaign is targeted towards youth. Rather than “preaching,” the message focuses on asking teens what matters to them and helping them set goals for success according to Croci.

“It’s not very often that youth are asked what really matters to them. As an adult I care. I have kids and I care what matters to them and want to support them in their goals and I think that a lot of adults would like to hear more about that,” Croci said.

The event appeared to be well received, with students lining up for pictures and congregating around the display throughout lunch.

“I think that it was well received for the short amount of time we had with the students,” Croci said.

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