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Sports Med Program participates in NCW Tech and STEM showcase

Community Learning

Community Learning

Layne Knipfer

Layne Knipfer

Community Learning

Layne Knipfer, Staff Reporter

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    Wenatchee High School’s Sports Med Program participated in the NCW Tech and STEM showcase and Pybus Public Market on May 13. Five members of the program including adviser Dale Blair spent the day teaching members of the community how to use the technology they use in the classroom every day. These were apps such as Central Anatomy 5 and Me Pro 3. The students participating demonstrated the functions of these human anatomy visual atlas programs through the use of the class’ IPads. Along with the apps, the students demonstrated how to use devices like a spirometer, an instrument used to measure the air capacity of lungs.

“We’re doing this to show off the technology we use in the classroom and to help others understand how they can use technology to understand something new,” junior Matt Vanderpool said.

The NCW Tech and STEM showcase was a project focused on showcasing the learning found in classrooms in the Wenatchee area. Students from five different schools districts participated in the event: Soap Lake, Quincy, Eastmont, Wenatchee, and Omak.

“We brought this down to the public market to build awareness about what is happening in the schools in our community. It lets teachers and students show their work,” said Jenny Rojanasthien, Executive Director of the event.

During the event children of all ages showcased their technology. From motion sensored lego-habitats for animals to bananas that could be used as a controller to a video game, learning was abundant. Wenatchee’s own Dale Blair was more than willing to help with the program and to supply his community with the learning of the Sports Med Program.

“It’s important to show the community some of the technology that is used in some of our area’s schools. We are proud to be a part of it,” said Blair

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