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The Life of a Student: A Day’s Monotony

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The Life of a Student: A Day’s Monotony

Riley Kunz, Staff Reporter

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14 hours. Possibly more, possibly less. At least 12. Busy, stress, work, responsibility. The life of a student. Every school day I wake up at 6:45 a.m. and slog my way through my morning routine. Wash myself, consume food, put on clothes, the usual. I drive my brother Giorgio to school and make my way to my first of four classes. Maybe I study math, maybe I study German. An hour and a half later I’m on my way to my second class, I may have time to converse with friends, or I might not. This pattern continues through the day (with the anomaly of lunch.)

Finally 3:00 p.m. rolls around and I put away my schoolbooks and throw on my shoulder pads. Football practice goes till 6:30, If I have errands to run I’ll get home at 7:00. By this point you’re probably in anticipation of the ending of this seemingly never ending anecdote. However every human needs energy so I have dinner. Then 7:30 rolls around and I’m in front of my computer completing copious amounts of homework. Finally, at around 8:30 I’m done with my daily obligations. I read a book, I talk to my parents, maybe I’ll head to bed early. 14 hours. Most likely more. The life of a student.

Students in my position have no time to live. We study, we work, we stress, until all of our classwork is finished and we can retire to the glorious nothingness of sleep. We get up early and get home late. Having school responsibilities such as ASB and class grades, along with sports commitments and work on the weekends make my daily schedule full to the max. The problem I am hoping to address is that students in the same position as me have no time. School is too long, sports are too long, homework takes too long, we just don’t have the time. I don’t know the solution to this, but it should be known that many students feel the same way I do. We have too many commitments, and too many responsibilities put on our shoulders. The life of a fully involved student is not leisurely. We are always working. We have no time to live.

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