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Panther football ends 3-13 as season draws to a close

Marc Hernandez, Staff Reporter

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The Wenatchee football season closed with the team having won three of their 13 games overall, but was able to capitalize on their young roster. Many players will be returning for the up and coming season where they look to improve the team’s record.

“We grew a lot this season, our young roster developed and I think I will really pay off next season because lots of the same guys will be coming back,” said Devereaux. The season did not go the way Devereaux was hoping, as his ambitions were set on winning the league title.

“Well, we didn’t get as many wins as we would have liked, but we did grow a lot as a team,” said Head coach Scott Devereaux. The Wenatchee Panther football team finished their season with 2589 total yards of offense in their unpredictable season. Two players in particular, Riley Kunz and Oscar Benjume, achieved first team all conference in their respective positions.

“We had lots of fun, this is something that I will never forget and if I had any opportunity to do it over I wouldn’t think it over a second” said senior captain Colton Dyal.

“I’m really going to miss all the relationship that I’ve made over the years, but the team for next year is looking solid and I hope they win big” said senior captain Spencer Rickel. A passionate season full of emotion comes to a close once again, and the coaching staff will begin to prep for the following season.

“I really like these guys, we’ll be set for next year” said Devereaux.

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