The Apple Blossom Pageant chooses its Queen and Princesses


Kaia St. John

Gretta Wiersma gasps in surprise as she is announced as Apple Blossom Queen.

Abby Wilt, Staff Reporter

In front of a packed house on Feb.10, Gretta Wiersma was crowned the queen of the 99th Apple Blossom Festival. With her were crowned Princess Sophie Castillo and Princess Jessica Murray. All three of the girls are seniors from Wenatchee High School.

Apple Blossom is a tradition for the Wenatchee Valley, and the royalty is a big part of it. Every year, little kids look up to the royalty and strive to be like them. Many members of the community await finding out who will take home the crown.

The competition started with 27 candidates who gave speeches in front of their schools. With student vote and judges vote, this number was reduced to the top ten candidates.

The candidates stayed very busy throughout the month they were in top ten. They completed many events in the community and made many appearances. Earlier in the day, they did interviews with five out of town judges and competed in the pageant that night.

At the pageant, the candidates gave a prepared speech on the topic “Someone once told me…” Next, they answered impromptu questions in front of the crowd, with the main question being, “If you were traveling to a foreign country, and could only have one sentence to say, what would it be and why?”

The five judges chose the top three candidates who demonstrated the ability to represent our valley the best.  Although the pageant played a big part in the judging process, they also did interviews with the judges one-one earlier on the day of the pageant.

Queen Gretta Wiersma attends Wenatchee High School and is the senior class president, as well as the sports section editor for The Apple Leaf. She is the daughter of Don and Sue Wiersma and enjoys hiking, baking, crafting, and watching movies. Wiersma says, “I am most excited for the little kids, because that’s always been the biggest dream of Apple Blossom because little girls always want to take pictures with you, because I love kids!”

Princess Jessica Murray is the daughter of Bill and Jodi Murray, and plans to double major in mathematics and business after she graduates. After the pageant, Murray said, “I am super surprised and so happy and grateful for the opportunity.” Murray loves to take her dogs for walks on the riverfront, and volunteer in our community.  

Princess Sophie Castillo is very involved at Wenatchee High School with DECA, Mock Trial, FBLA, and golf. She is the daughter of Miguel and Megan Castillo. Castillo says, “I want to be the type of representative kids can look up to while being on the royal court.