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Still too close to call

Mackenzie Mueller, Staff Reporter

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After the first round of President/Vice President ASB elections ended in an exact tie and re-elections were deemed too close to call, a solution has been found.


ASB President/Vice President elections will be held again on April 12, the Thursday after Spring Break. It will be a paper/pencil ballot taken during first period. “We are going to give candidates an opportunity to campaign that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,” Principal Eric Anderson said. The hope is that the students will know the outcome at the end of the day on Thursday.


While the first round of voting results were announced, the second round was cut short. “There was some information that was shared out to certain candidates and not others,” Anderson said. ASB President Marc Hernandez brought forth the idea of doing a re-vote to keep things fair. “To be fair for everybody we ought to do this again… giving everybody a chance to start over,” Anderson said of Marc’s idea.


Anderson believes the cause for all complications was a rush into the election. “We had people coming and going this week, all different [factors],” he stated. The assembly seemed to be scheduled at the right time, but it may have happened too fast. “People are starting to realize this doesn’t have to be done before Spring Break,” Anderson said. “We can slow down and take the time to do it.”


Currently, ASB and administration are working on a way to use a ballot that can be scanned. The idea is that the results will be more reliable. “That way we’re not hand counting [votes],” Anderson said.


As of now, whether there will be another assembly preceding the election has yet to be decided. “We might do something different,” Anderson stated.


With this whirlwind of elections soon coming to a close, students are encouraged to vote for the candidates they fully support. To ensure that your voice is heard, vote during first period on April 12.

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