Skyline Overlook crash starts discussion about safety measures

Tara Dilly, Staff Reporter

The evening of April 21, a 17 year old girl was injured in a car accident at Skyline Drive Overlook during a street race. Two cars were racing on Skyline Drive when the car driving illegally in the left lane lost control and drifted into the Skyline Overlook. The two cars racing were identified as a black sedan and a teal Honda Civic. The teal Honda Civic was the one that swerved into the Overlook and hit a parked silver Honda Civic. Only a 17 year old passenger in the silver Civic sustained injuries to the face including a significant cut over her eye, she was transported to Central Washington Hospital.

“We heard the crash and we got out of the car (…) and then I noticed that one of the cars that was racing parked below and so I ran back to my car to get my phone and I ran down the hill and by the time I got there it was gone.” Said junior Kali Long, a witness of the crash. Long agreed that Skyline needs better security. City Council ruled to put cameras at the Overlook to reduce bad behavior. “Safety is number one and keeping kids safe is good.” Said sophomore, Alexander Clinton.