Weekly Lists: Greatest chick flicks of all time


McKenna White, Reporter

“Get in loser. We’re going shopping.” From the jungle-like social scene of North Shore High to Harvard Law School, teenage girls everywhere are experiencing newfound self-confidence in the stories of our favorite heroines. These are my picks for the top five chick flicks of all time.



  • “Mean Girls


“Mean Girls” is the golden standard for all chick flicks that have been and that will be. Viewers are immersed in the story as we root for “regulation hottie” Cady Heron in her battle against evil personified in the form of Regina George. As Cady gets bested time and time again, our compassion for her grows. We have all shouted “Aaron, Regina is cheating on you!” at our TVs while we are forced to watch Regina walk all over Cady in her designer heels. “Mean Girls” truly brings out the best and worst side of us all.



  • “Clueless”


Have you ever had an evil step brother? Has he ever told you that you don’t do enough for others? Have you ever fallen in love with said step brother? If so, you might be Cher Horowitz. “Clueless” certainly pulls on the heartstrings, so get your tissues ready. How can we expect a regular Prada-clad teen to deal with being on top and then being overthrown by someone that she basically created? “Ugh, as if!” Not to worry, things quickly resolve themselves for Cher, and in a shocking twist she finds love– and herself.



  • “Legally Blonde”


“Bend and snap!” Ladies, our time has come! We are strong, smart and ready to take on the Ivy Leagues! So what if you don’t have the “traditional” major? That’s not stopping us anymore. Our beautiful Delta Gamma alum, Elle Woods, shows us that even a fashion major can make it in the fast-paced world of Harvard Law. Not even her platinum hair can stop her. Though Elle faces countless setbacks, including older men hitting on her and the surprising difficulty of college, she doesn’t let it stop her, ending the film as valedictorian of Harvard Law School. Oh yeah, she also has a boyfriend.



  • “10 Thing I Hate About You”


Oh hi. Sorry, I didn’t see you there. I was too busy salivating over pictures of Heath Ledger. What a guy. “10 Things I Hate About You” is a classic flick about two outcasts, Kat and Patrick, finding each other and themselves. But wait, there’s more. Not only does Kat find love, but her little sister Bianca is also caught in a vicious love triangle with a classic high school model and a sweet yet semi-dorky boy. This part of the plot is completely inexplicable due to the fact that Bianca treats people terribly and just isn’t that great. This obvious character defect can be overlooked in light of the fact that the most romantic promposal ever took place in this movie. Catch Heath Ledger dancing across the bleachers singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” while being chased by the cops. Boys, take notes.



  • “13 Going On 30”


No chick flick list could ever be complete without “13 Going on 30”. This flick takes a more mature and adult view of the world of romance. Starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, this film combines all the light-hearted and daresay “petty” elements of some more juvenile flicks– namely a magical dollhouse that changes a 13-year-old into a 30-year-old– and combines them with the real world. Those of you who have experienced this cinematic wonder can fully understand how realistic and heart-wrenching this tale is. This age-old story of a girl and a boy who just can’t get the timing right makes you wonder if what you’re looking for has been right in front of you this whole time.


Honorable Mention

The problem with listing the greatest films ever made is just that, these are some of the greatest films ever made. Ever. This list could go on and on, but unfortunately the media team is capping me at five. However, I couldn’t in good conscience write this without adding two key films. The first honorable mention is “White Chicks”. Now “White Chicks” is not technically a chick flick, although the name may beg to differ. It is all the same a very poignant and influential tale about two black cops posing as white women:  A must-watch. The second honorable mention is “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” This flick is a rising-star that I have no doubt will soon make the list. This movie is the epitome of all things chick flick. If you’re looking for an introduction into the world of visual genius, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” is the perfect place to start.