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Humans of WHS: Lea Olivares

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Humans of WHS: Lea Olivares

McKenna White, Staff Reporter

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For many adolescents, the dentist’s office is a place of terror, made even more frightening by the portrayal of visits to the dentist’s office in countless movies and TV shows.we’ve all bore witness to the horror that is the dentist office in Finding Nemo. What about the iconic Good Luck Charlie scene where PJ refuses to visit the dentist. Or the simple fear of ending up like the “Is this real life?” kid. But for sophomore Lea Olivares, the dentist’s office is the place to be.


“My sister went to college to be a dental assistant,” said Olivares. Her dream of becoming a dental assistant stems from her older sister’ s positive experience. In fact, her family has had a large impact shaping her dreams and goals.Throughout her journey, Olivares attributes much of her drive and her desire to her parents. To reach her goal, Olivares know that she will have to attend college after high school. Although she isn’t quite sure where she wants to study, she knows that college is the first step to becoming a dental assistant.


While Olivares dreams of one day becoming a dental assistant, her current passion is soccer.  Olivares plays for WHS on the C-team. She loves playing soccer and enjoys playing for the school. She loves the team’s low-key vibes and enjoys playing just for fun.


“Soccer is very fun. It’s not very competitive in C-team but it’s fun,” Olivares said.


For Olivares, along with every high schooler, thinking about the future can be intimidating and often very confusing. No matter who you are, high school is a trying time.


When asked what advice she would give to other teenagers regarding their dreams and passions, Olivares responded with, “Don’t give up, [and] keep trying.”


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