The great Jacob and Tara thrift off

Tara Dilly and Jacob Dunlop

Opinion editor Tara Dilly and reporter Jacob Dunlop competed at the local Goodwill for the ultimate thrift off. They were limited to spending only fifteen dollars in fifteen minutes. They raced around Goodwill to find the best fit from head to toe. You decide the winner


Tara: Shirt $4.99, Skirt $3.99, Shoes $5.99

Jacob: Shirt $2.99, Jacket 3.99, Shoes $3.99, Pants $5.99


“Everyone has a talent and I’d definitely say mine is thrifting, but sadly for this thrift off my talent did not come through. The top half of my outfit definitely wrecked, but I was not vibin’ with my pants or shoes. Even though Tara’s outfit was more basic, sadly it blended together a lot more then my outfit.” said Jacob


“Being the thrift queen that I am, I definitely won this thrift off. I went for a sophisticated, 80’s with a modern twist look and it paid off. The checkered skirt not only fits my personal style, but it’s bad as heck. The velvet blazer is also one of the coolest pieces I’ve found at a Wenatchee thrift store. To pull it all together, I found vintage Nike shoes. My thrift charm is alive and well, sorry Jacob.” said Tara