Night in a Box


Molli Cordes, Staff Reporter

Spending a night in a box might not seem very ideal for a Friday night in mid-November. In the valley people came together and did just that for charity and for their community. Night in a Box is a community event where people come together to support Lighthouse Christian Ministries and to raise awareness for the problem of homelessness. LCM supports people affected by the issue of homelessness here in the Wenatchee valley.  Leader Kevin Kennedy of Young Life said “ I do Night in a Box because I love the Lighthouse and how much they love Jesus and what they do for our community.” Kevin is just one of the many people who gave up their friday night for Night in a Box. Younglife raised money, collected sleeping bags, toiletries and committed hours of volunteering for this event. Night in a Box started from a crazy idea of spending a night on the streets of Wenatchee in December 2012 and has grown into an annual event. LCM’s vision was for this to be an annual event, so far they are succeeding. People gladly give up their friday night to sleep in a box in almost below freezing weather and it’s all because of their love for Jesus.