Weekly Lists: Common excuses to cancel plans that actually work


Claudia Orozco, Staff Reporter

Have you ever said yes to going to a movie only to realize that you binge watch a season of “The Bachelor” from the comfort of your own home while cuddling your dog at the same time? Have you ever agreed to go to a bonfire, realized it’s way too far of a drive and decided to order pizza and listen to the new Taylor Swift album by yourself? Have you ever had the sudden realization that being in the company of other people and socializing is way less rewarding than hanging out with yourself? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, odds are your friends are sick and tired of your same old “I’m tired” or “I don’t feel well” excuses. Step up your excuse game with these four common, yet golden excuses.


#1: My Parents Said No

When you really don’t want to go somewhere or you just feel like canceling, tell them that your parents said no. Even though you never actually asked your parents, this is a great way to avoid conflict as you have an easy scapegoat. Stay in and watch Christmas movies with your family instead.


#2: Something came up

If you’re lucky, it’s actually true.


#3: I have homework

Homework can suck, but this is one of those times that  it actually pays off to do it. Canceling plans and using the time you would’ve spent out is great for doing homework. It’s also good to catch up on missing assignments. After you’re done with your homework, you can finally enjoy yourself and watch the new season of Grey’s Anatomy as you stuff your face with snacks.


#4: I have to babysit my neighbor’s friend’s pet

Does your neighbor’s friend actually have a dog or cat or cow? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, you can just say this and they’ll understand that animals are anyone’s top priority.