Musical Review

Brittany Martinez, Staff Reporter

   After long rehearsals and little sleep Wenatchee High School students presented the musical “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. As young and ambitious J. Pierrepont Finch tries to climb up the ladder of business the musical tells a story of humor, romance and conflict. This all came together to make the musical an exciting and entertaining show. The tech crew working with lighting and the jazz bands music really enhanced the play and brought it to life by highlighting humorous parts such as Finch’s mischievous smile. Not only this, but it also dramatized things such as Hedy’s walk and Rosemary’s love for Finch; besides,  who doesn’t love drama! The humorous approach to the play really made the experience all the better. The acting done by WHS students definitely added personality to the play, especially from Mason Atwood, fresh off his 5th Ave. nomination for “The Wedding Singer.” Strengths of the play included strong performances by Layne Knipfer as Bud Frump, Mason Atwood as J.Pierrepont Finch, Dane Schmidt as Mr. Biggley and Olive Ryan as Rosemary. Furthermore, the musical was choreographed magnificently to add personality to every character, dance and scene. All of this worked together to create a great show. The musical was overall a well- performed show and notably displayed the hard work of the cast as they received a standing ovation every night.