Life, Love, Lacrosse: Sophomore Evan Depue shares his passion for the sport


Courtesy of Andrea Hudson

Cassie Alaniz, Media Team

Spring may feel far away but for spring athletes, it can’t come soon enough. Sophomore Evan Depue has been spending his offseason not only participating in other sports but preparing for his spring lacrosse season.

  “In my free time during basketball season I would play wall ball whenever I could,” Depue said. “Right now I’m learning how to juggle a lacrosse ball.”

  Depue anxiously awaits lacrosse season every year and especially loves traveling to San Diego with his team to play some of the best teams California has to offer.

  “Going to San Diego during spring break is one of the best parts of lacrosse,” Depue said. “We play a team from Wisconsin and two teams from California.”

  Depue has a love for the feeling lacrosse gives him and feels that it is the perfect sport. He especially loves how much freedom he feels while playing.

  “There are plays in lacrosse but you aren’t bound to a tiny court like basketball or have to run a play like it’s football,” Depue said. “It’s the nonstop aspect of hockey and soccer with a bit of contact, it’s the perfect sport.”