Weekly lists: Best replacements for Wenatchee’s Shopko

McKenna White, Staff Reporter

   Recently, Wenatchee has undergone a monumental change… not really, but soon the local Shopko will be closing! Of course, this change doesn’t really affect Wenatchians at all; For all of your material needs you can just go to the local Big Lots, Target, Fred Meyer or Walmart. While the loss of this consumer paradise will not change life substantially, the upcoming introduction of a new mystery store could bring real change and happiness to the citizens of Wenatchee. Here’s my list for the top stores that should replace Shopko:


Trader Joe’s:


PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! This is not an idea, this is a must. Trader Joe’s is the pinnacle of health foods. Combine reasonable prices with delicious foods and what do you get? A happy and healthy community. Imagine a world where we could all buy scandinavian swimmers and one dollar Belgian chocolate any time we wanted! I can tell you one thing, it would be a better world.


Plato’s Closet:

Ladies put away your wallets. All you need now is some petty cash. With the highest level of both styles and fashion for totally affordable prices, Wenatchee is going to start trends instead of following them. Everyday you could walk into your local Plato’s Closet and see a brand new pair of Free People jeans for less than $15. You would never have to look homeless at school again!


Drive-in Theater:

Let’s take it back to the 80’s everyone. Get in your DeLorean and grab your girl. Make your way down to the Wenatchee Drive-in for a night of memories. Each Friday all of the valley’s teens would have the chance to mingle and enjoy refreshments while watching the greatest movies ever made.


MOD Pizza:  

MOD is an affordable and delicious way to enjoy a pizza. MOD could be the hip new diner where all of the kids assemble after Friday night football games. MOD offers you a personalized pizza that is sure to satisfy for less than $10. Needless to say, if Wenatchee was ever going to get a MOD, there would be no shortage of happy customers.


Barnes and Nobles:

From kindergarten to now how many books have you read? For most of you, your answer was less than ten. Well, it may shock you but I have read well over 500 books over my education, and I know that somewhere out there there are others like me. For that minority, introducing a Barnes and Noble to the Wenatchee valley would be the absolute best thing that has ever happened, especially following the recent closing of Hastings. Who knows, maybe a Barnes and Noble would encourage other teens to read as well… KIDDING!