Jakub’s Goofy Guide To Life

Jacob Dunlop, Media Team Member

 For the majority of my life, I’ve seen myself as a boring person. For those of you familiar with me, this may sound untrue. Things like my homeless chic clothing style or my malnourished eating habits (i.e. eating baguettes 24/7) make me seem like a pretty wacky dude. However, reasons like these are just superficial. To me being interesting is not only looking the part but also having unique perspectives and experiences. That was something I was seriously missing from my life. To make up for this lack of pizazz in my life, I decided that I should proactively try to experience as many things as I could to make me more interesting. In my quest to lead a groovy life, I’ve learned some tips and tricks on how to make your life more interesting. The point of this weekly column is to pass on all that I’ve learned to make sure you can have as much fun as you can, with the short amount of time you’re given on this moldy rock we call earth. Whether it’s how to drift in the high school parking lot or how to correctly climb a crane, you’ll definitely find something useful in this blog.

    Now that we’ve gotten the introduction out of the way, we can get to the meat and potatoes of this first installment. Before I bestow upon you my goofy guides to life, I first have to tell you how to get in the right mindset for these tips to be put to good use. You see, you have to be content. Doing interesting things while you’re not content is just you trying to distract yourself from the mess you’ve made of your own life. The reason why so many people are unhappy with their lives is that most of the time our expectations don’t meet our reality. For example, when I was five, I thought I would spend my teenage years being an international super spy like Kim Possible or that I would end up playing the lead in High School Musical VII, when in actuality my teens have been spent in a brick box hating myself. 

    How do we get to this point of being happy with our crappy realities? Well for me it was leaning in and learning how to make snow angels in the dog crap. Not literally, but I guess that’s up to you. Take our poorly designed prison, Wenatchee High School; it’s a place that’s pretty easy to dislike (sorry administration). Most people don’t want to spend seven hours a day of their prime teenage years in a beige box. That’s how I felt for most of my freshman year. However, I had a realization towards the end of that year. I couldn’t get out of going to WHS, so I decided to make it as much fun as I could. For me, that means being social and being the center of attention. There was a problem though, at that time I was just this awkward freshman boy, exclusively dressed in Star Wars shirts, with no social skills and a mild stutter. 

    So to get over this I came up with a pretty straightforward solution, to jump in headfirst and join as many extracurriculars as I could and be as involved with high school as possible. Surprisingly, this worked out pretty well. It forced me to get over my awkward stage (well kind of, I’m still awkward) and into enjoying my high school experience. By dressing up in extravagant purple and gold outfits at football games or meeting a ton of new and interesting kids through the infinite amount of clubs I’m involved in, high school became great. Something I once hated became something I love and I couldn’t imagine my life without. No matter how sucky your surroundings in life may seem you should learn to love them or at least be content with them. You’re in control make the most of it. Well, that’s it for my first chapter in Jakub’s sick guide to living an interesting life. See ya fools next week.