Nyah’s 10 Tips For Being Successful In High School


Jacob Dunlop

Nyah Hughes

   Figuring out high school can be a challenge to many- including me. I wish that I knew all of these things coming into high school because it would have saved me a lot of time and effort. I hope all of these tips and tools can help you as much as they helped me in my journey through the misery that is Wenatchee High School.

  • Get the Quizlet App 

Quizlet is a game-changer and no, I’m not talking about the quizlet live game that we all play in class.  I’m not going to argue and say that paper flashcards are nearly obsolete and a huge pain, but carrying around your cards with you as they slowly get bent, torn apart and eventually lost, isn’t exactly the most convenient way to do things. After downloading the quizlet app my freshman year, studying became a breeze. Having all of my flashcards consolidated onto one app made it a huge space saver, and prevented me from losing cards. Not only that but having your flashcards on you at all times and fully accessible opens up so many new opportunities. Pulling out your phone to run through some vocab in line for coffee or between classes allows you to learn the content quickly, and without much effort.

  • Get a planner 

 If you don’t have a planner yet, I highly suggest that you get one now. After having had my planner for a while, I don’t know how I survived without it. Putting all of your tests, appointments, and reminders into your planner prevents you from forgetting, and walking into class on a test day unprepared. In my planner, I write the date of the test, and then go two weeks earlier (if the teacher gives enough notice) and write a reminder to start studying. This helps me stay on top of things so I always feel prepared. Just writing your daily agenda and what you want to accomplish for the day will hold you accountable to get those things done while also sparking productivity.

  • Break Things down

Coming home from school with a boatload of homework can be daunting. That’s why breaking tasks up into simpler steps can be an easier way to get things done and be more productive. For example, if I had to study for a unit test, instead of attacking it all at once, I would split it up by chapter or topic. This helps you cover material faster, while also giving you that mental woo-hoo when you get one of your steps done!

  • Set a timer for studying  

Another study tip that can really help you retain information and motivate you to stay focused on is setting a “study” timer. Setting a timer for 20 minutes that will be dedicated completely to homework helps you stay focused and not stray from your work. We know all too well how easy it is to pick up your phone to check a text and before you know it hours have passed. By setting a timer, it keeps you accountable and helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Dress to impress (yourself)

High School was the first time I ever felt confident in my clothing. I found my personal sense of style, along with many others. Unfortunately, giving too much thought to trends and getting caught up in what others think of you can lead you down a dark path. Wearing clothing that makes YOU happy and helps you express your personality can be so empowering. Another pro tip would be to wear extra comfy clothing on test days. Nothing is worse than having to constantly worry about your tube-top sliding down or your skirt flying up while you are trying to ace a quiz. By wearing something like a cozy pair of leggings or a sweatshirt, it allows you to be more comfortable in your environment, and more comfortable taking your quiz.

  • Sleep 

I know you’ve been told this before, but getting enough sleep at night is critical when it comes to school or life in general. I know you’re going to say that you function perfectly fine by staying up until midnight every night, but trust me, you’d function a whole heck of a lot better if you got eight or more hours of sleep. By making sleep a priority, you will have more energy throughout the day, and your brain will function better as well. 

  • Exercise

Making time for exercise can be highly beneficial in your daily or weekly routine. Just a little light exercise a few times a week (or even daily) can provide both physical and mental benefits. Nowadays, I don’t exercise for the purpose of looking better, I exercise for the purpose of feeling better. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise is proven to improve your mood, boost energy and promote better sleep- all things crucial to surviving as a high school student. Not to mention, exercising combats health conditions and diseases such as depression, anxiety, stroke and cancer. Exercise can be another fun way to hang out with friends too! Playing sports in the park or catching a yoga class with your friends can be a great way to release some endorphins and have fun in a social setting.

  • Hangout with smart people, don’t be afraid to ask for help

 Now I don’t want to brag, but my friends are pretty smart. Like crazy smart- probably some of the smartest people I know actually. They push me constantly to do my best in class and in life, but they also provide so much support that I didn’t even know I needed. You know when people say  “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room?” That’s exactly what I’m talking about here. My friends give me so much help, and I can always rely on them to explain a complicated topic to me whenever I need them. Friends that bring out the best in you are the people that you want to be around. 

  • Stock up on snacks 

Isn’t food the best? I hope that’s one thing that we can all agree on. I do this thing where I save specific snacks for different periods to help me get through the day. Now that I say it out loud, it sounds kind of weird, but trust me- this really helps. Knowing that you have a bag of chips waiting for your third period or a cookie waiting for your fourth period makes it so much easier to look forward to your next class. As long as your teacher allows you to eat in class, take advantage of that and stock up on some treats.

  • Self Care 

Self-care is becoming more popular lately, and thank goodness it is. Self-care is not necessarily a mini spa day, but if that’s what it is for you, then go for it. Self-care is different for everyone, whether it’s cleaning your room, or sitting down and watching your favorite sit-com, self-care is extremely vital to your mental health. Going days on end without much free time to relax may seem normal, but if you can, I challenge you to set aside an hour just for yourself. Do whatever you can to take care of yourself, inside and out.