Being high-risk for COVID-19

Evan DePue, Staff Reporter

    Nowadays life is kind of crazy, this new virus that goes by the name of COVID-19 has been spreading pretty steadily throughout the U.S. While this disease may not be too bad for many people. It has the ability to make older people and people with chronic medical conditions very sick. And I happen to be one of those people with those chronic medical conditions. I can’t exactly go hang out with a big group of friends or go to the store or anything like that. So for as long as school is out, I will be spending most of my time hanging out inside and getting used to hearing my friend’s voices over the phone. 

    Knowing that if I do contract COVID-19 and have a fairly high chance of getting seriously sick is pretty scary and that thought is the thing keeping me leashed to the inner walls of my house. I’ve had sickness like the flu before but this is a lot worse for people like me and It honestly scares me. I’ve never been a germaphobe or an antisocial person but this pandemic has changed me into an introverted germaphobe that doesn’t want to go outside and keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer in a holster on my leg. I have lived with Cystic Fibrosis all my life and have always felt like I’ve never had to worry. I have always been so healthy that I’ve never been scared of getting sick because it passes along as anyone else passes it. But COVID-19 seems to be ruthless to people with medical conditions which is why I can’t take any risks. It’s crazy how in one weekend I went from feeling great with no worry of COVID-19 to, Oh no I have the lungs of an 80-year-old man who has been smoking his whole life. I need to stay inside and not get sick.

    The whole social distancing thing to slow the spread of the virus is a really good idea that a lot of my friends don’t seem to follow because getting the virus won’t affect them as bad and they know that. But social distancing isn’t about oneself, it’s about slowing the spread and keeping it at bay for the high-risk people. I strongly advise everyone to think about the real risk of this virus spreading so quickly and take a second thought when going to hang out with that big group of friends.