Wenatchee’s Women’s March

Mckenna White, Co-Editor-In-Chief

 The 2020 Women’s Rally For Justice was held on Oct. 17 at Memorial Park. Organized by Terry Sloan, Kitty Parker and Kelly Parker, the event was attended by close to 75 community members.    

    “Those of us who did show up are enough, and we can encourage each other to not give up,” Sloan said.

    At 11a.m., speakers took to the courthouse steps in order to share their unique experiences being women in America. Birth control, Planned Parenthood, voting, gender norms were among the topics discussed along with an emphasis on the struggles of indigenous people and people of color. While Sloan has organized numerous protests in the last few years, the Women’s Rally For Justice was spurred by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    “It’s not going to change until we as women stand up and say ‘no’,” Sloan said.

    After the speakers were done, the crowd moved down to the corner of Chelan and Orondo in order to peacefully protest along the street. Many protestors carried signs and the chant “my body, my choice” could be heard. 

    “I believe that nothing is going to change until we get the right people in office who want to support women,” Wenatchee High School senior Ava Rosvald said.

    If Vice President Biden is elected on Nov. 3, Sloan said that they will reevaluate the necessity of semi-regular protests. However, if President Trump is reelected, she made it clear that she, along with many others, will continue to protest as they have been.

    “Our work isn’t finished,” Sloan said. “We’ll still need to be proactive for women’s issues.”