Third Party Candidates and What They Offer

Scarlette Cron, Features Editor


Green Party candidate: Howie Hawkins. 

Howie Hawkins is an environmental activist. His primary campaign is based on building an independent working-class social and political movement that is neither republican nor democratic. He proposed an eco-socialist version of The Green New Deal in 2010 and has played a large part in several anti-war and anti-nuclear movements since the 1960s. Hawkin’s name is on the ballot in 30 states, including Washington. 


Party for Socialism and Liberation: Gloria La Riva. 

Gloria La Riva is a socialist activist. La Riva believes in a reconstruction of our political and economic system towards economic and racial justice. Her platform is based on the ten-point program, which is a party platform that includes 10 steps to bettering the country. A few of these steps are making the essentials of life into constitutional rights, full rights for all immigrants, full equality for the LGBTQ community and shutting down all U.S. military bases around the world. La Riva’s name is on ballots in 15 states, including Washington. 


Libertarian Party: Jo Jorgenson. 

Jo Jorgenson is an academic and libertarian activist. Jorgenson’s biggest point in her campaign is individual freedom, which is the absence of restrictions on our abilities to think and act individually. Individual freedom is not being separate from government oppression and regulation. Jorgenson has been part of the Libertarian Party since 1980, and her name is on the ballot in all 50 states.


Socialist Workers Party: Alyson Kennedy. 

Alyson Kennedy is a socialist activist. She has played a leading role in organizing several unions, specifically for immigrants working in coal mines. She has been very successful with those endeavors and hopes to continue her union work if she gets elected. Kennedy’s name is on the ballot in all 50 states.