How to Write the Perfect Letter


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Sophia Hernandez, Reporter

    As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and expectations of social distancing increase, it becomes more and more difficult to reach out to close friends and family. While social media and Zoom calls are straightforward approaches, it can be draining and quite predictable to solely communicate through these platforms. Therefore, it’s time to travel back into another era where technology and digital messaging were non-existent. 

    Now is the perfect time to break out your pen and paper and write a letter. Writing a letter to someone is a creative way to connect with friends. The time and effort put into a letter makes the message extra personal compared to a regular text message. Not only does a letter sent through mail strengthen a bond, but it also provides funds to the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS, at times, serves as one’s personal point of contact to the United States federal government. A singular postcard saves both a friendship and a democracy. 

    Now don’t feel limited as to what you have to write about. A letter can contain anything and everything one could possibly imagine. 


Here’s how to send the perfect letter:

  1. Gather materials – You will need a few pieces of paper, an envelope, stamps, colorful pens or markers and fun stickers.
  2. Outline your letter – On the top right corner of the page, write the date.
  3. Introduction – On the left side, begin your letter with a simple greeting. This can look like: “Dear my beloved (person’s name),” or “Yo, what up Grandma,” Be creative!
  4. Body Paragraph – Write about your day or even your darkest secrets, if not, add a fun little picture. Consider filling the entire page with just stickers. 
  5. Signing – Once you have finished, make sure to sign your name at the bottom. 
  6. Packaging – Fold the letter to fit into the envelope and seal. In the middle of the envelope, add the name, address, city, state and zipcode of the person you will be sending it to. On the top left add your own name, address, city, state and zipcode. Lastly, slap a stamp on the top right corner.
  7. Send off – Place your envelope in your mailbox for a postal service official to pick up, or drop it off at your local postal service center.


    I hope this guide has not only helped you, but inspired you. Your friends and family will most definitely look forward to your swanky new letters this holiday season.