Finding Fleek: A WHS student’s passion for makeup shines through social media


Josefina Albert, Online Editor

    For the past few years, one particular kind of art has been on the rise amongst teens and at the forefront of pop culture and social media. Wenatchee High School senior Dario Ramirez happens to fall into this category of artists. However, unlike the traditional artist, his canvas of choice is his face and his tools a myriad of makeup brushes and palettes. 

    Although more traditional forms of art have always interested Ramirez, his first steps into the world of makeup began as a way to cover up insecurities.

    “What initially piqued my interest for makeup was looking for a way to cover up my acne,” Ramirez said. “Over time, I got more into colorful makeup and started creating different shapes and illusions on my face. It then grew from an insecurity to a love.”

    As Ramirez began to see his skills progress, he turned to Instagram as a way to document his creations. Now, browsing through Ramirez’s profile, one can find a vibrant array of colors seamlessly blended into one another and an assortment of shapes and textures all meticulously painted onto his eyelids, cheeks or lips. 

     “I wanted to have a way to see my abilities grow. I thought that Instagram would be the perfect way because you can post something, and it stays there until you delete it. I can scroll back and see how much I’ve grown and gotten better,” Ramirez said.

    His creations are complex and time-consuming. Ramirez practices several times a week and one makeup look can take anywhere from 2-8 hours. However, Ramirez says the time spent doing makeup has become a sort of meditative process.

    “In a way, doing makeup has become a part of me. If I ever need an escape, or if I want to feel extra confident, I just decide to put on some makeup,” Ramirez said.

    With the combination of social media platforms and large beauty influencers like James Charles and Jeffree Star, makeup artistry has been on the rise amongst teens everywhere. These influencers have played a role in inspiring Ramirez, especially in a hobby that can be viewed as unconventional. Ramirez has faced some difficulty in gaining acceptance and understanding of his work from people close to him but remembers the importance of staying true to his own passions and interests. Currently, Ramirez takes classes in the afternoon for cosmetology at the tech center and entertains the idea of pursuing cosmetology professionally.

     For others looking to explore the world of makeup, Ramirez says to dive right in. 

    “Don’t be afraid to just jump off the deep end. I think that’s how I started,” Ramirez said. “I was really into cut creases, glitter and big eyeliner. For a lot of people, those things scare them, and they think ‘I’m not gonna be able to do that. That’s so scary. That’s so outgoing’, but stop thinking about your fears, let your mind go blank, and just go for it. You’ll be surprised by how fast you grow.”