GOGO Squeeze: the hype behind them

Malia Knell

You never see me go a day without a few go-go squeezes in my diet. An absolute necessity, a must. They are so handy and very practical. Twist them open, and bam. Easy Peasy. You don’t need a spoon and it’s mess-free. They are somewhat healthy too which makes it just so good for a snack when you randomly get hungry. Only close friends know I have a Costco-sized pack of them in the back of my car at all times. Shhh. Some would argue that they are too close to baby food. I have gotten that one for years. But here is the thing, if you are too insecure to eat what looks like baby food even though it tastes bomb, you’re missing out. Big Time. they come in numerous flavors too. Not satisfied with just a regular apple sauce? There is apple-mango, apple-strawberry, apple-banana, apple-pear, apple-cinnamon, and apple-blueberry. The og apple-apple is actually the best (and always will be the best), but I would say apple-strawberry is pretty okay too. There is just something about having the, after a long hard day at school, or a snack after practice. Really makes your day instantly better. If you don’t trust my opinion, ask Elise Baier or even Ethan Wertz, they swear by them too! Even if you are a regular apple sauce lover, but don’t like the squeezes, you make less sense than the others. Why take the time to grab a bowl and a spoon pour it out and then have to clean and worry about the dishes too? Gogo squeezes just make so much sense. 


Moral of the story you can never go wrong with applesauce in a pouch.