PDA rant

Malia Knell

Dear, whoever is concerned,

I think I speak for the majority of the school when I say NO PDA! Here’s the thing, there are 24 hours in a day, out of that only 6 are spent at school, and only 5 days a week. Taking that into consideration…there are 138 hours to do whatever your heart desires. So when I see you making out in the hallways or practically laying on top of each other, don’t be offended when I feel nauseated. Don’t get me wrong, physical touch is my love language, but not from the whole school. That may be confusing so I will set a standard. Holding hands is okay. Hugging, okay, but make it quick. Other than that, it’s not really acceptable. That includes making out, any tongue action, and cuddling…on the ground. Cause no matter how irrelevant you think you are, everyone walking by you is looking. Take this for instance, every day between class periods, I walk past the gym. I look down on the ground, unfortunately for me, and see a girl practically riding on top of her boyfriend. All of my emotions are either two things: one, frustrated, or two, have that feeling in the back of my throat about to throw up on the ground. Imagine what other people think?! Or do you even think…What happened to a simple convo? A simple high five? A cute little side hug if you will? Pat on the back? Oh, and don’t get me started on trying to get through to my class and getting in between two couples saying goodbye before going off to their classes. You’d think they were Jack and Rose saying their last goodbye. Tough luck! It is scientifically proven as well that 43% of couples that show PDA in the hallways are going to be cursed for at least 3 years after they break up. And no, you guys won’t be together forever. I will admit, the admin needs to start doing their diligence for the good of the school too. Not exactly your fault. But the next time you go to kiss your significant other with tongue and all, just be expecting Mr. Igniez to be pulling out a stopwatch, you only get 5 seconds. And let’s just say to leave enough room for Jesus.

Yours sincerely, 

The singles.