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Emilee Groth
As a first-year Apple Leaf reporter in her Junior year, Emilee Groth finds it necessary to walk you through a bit of what makes her her. Emilee’s favorite food is pancakes by far-- just ask her mom. If Emilee had it her way she’d have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No, she doesn’t discriminate: any kind of pancake is an equally delicious pancake. Her favorite season is a tie between fall and winter. Fall brings Halloween which in turn brings costume parties and pumpkins. But when winter comes so does snow and the opening of Mission Ridge, where Emilee works as a ski/snowboard instructor, teaching 3-5 year olds. In school she’s involved in Honor Society, track, bowling, and Ignite. When it comes to fears, Emilee is sure she has some of the most bizarre phobias. If Bigfoot was riding a humongous spider in an airplane bathroom, she’d rather eject herself from the plane over the Bermuda Triangle than be on that plane for .00000001 seconds.

Emilee Groth, Staff Reporter

Oct 02, 2017
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A forum for student expression since 1916