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Two Bears You Have Probably Never Heard Of
December 7, 2022

  By Maren Stuber    The animal kingdom. Making up about 0.4% of life on earth. Animals are widely understood and educated as we share our planet with...

el fútbol de primer año es un éxito
November 14, 2022

The freshman season for football you could say was very successful and shows a bright future for the whs football program. “The team chemistry is great. We are all a big...

Buff Puff 2022
Buff Puff 2022
By Madison Stirling October 16, 2022

Photo by Ashton McMahon
Senior Sunrise
Maren Stuber October 10, 2022

Everything is quiet and still. Darkness covers everything in sight and then the rays of sunlight start to creep out of the hills of Wenatchee. "This practice of watching...

Senior Profiles 2022: Taylor Shoengarth
Lynina Amavisca, Staff reporter • June 2, 2022

Taylor Schoengarth remembers coming to WHS for freshman orientation. During orientation, she met Ignite leader Xavier Martinez. She said her leader made her excited to be...

Summer Hiking Guide
Summer Hiking Guide
Rainee Freeburg, Staff Reporter • June 3, 2021

    With summer approaching I know I am ready to spend a majority of my time outside. The best way for me to clear my mind and spend time with my family and friends is to...