The Apple Leaf

2019-2020 Staff

Molli Cordes

Sports Editor

Molli Cordes is a junior and is the Sports editor for The Apple Leaf this year. Molli has been in Apple Leaf for two years now. Molli loves fruit, avocado toast and in her free time you can find her drinking overpriced vanilla lattes and taking rando...

Mckenna White

In-Depth Editor, Managing Editor

Junior McKenna White is an avid fan of “The Office” and her dog Daisy. McKenna likes to partake in organized torture, otherwise known as Cross-Country. When McKenna isn’t slaving away in Apple Leaf, she enjoys interacting with her livestock on Heyday an...

Abby Wilt

Feature Editor

Abby Wilt is a senior and is the Features editor for The Apple Leaf this year. This is her third year in Apple Leaf. She is involved with DECA, ASB, swimming, and YoungLife. In her free time, she likes to eat Jimmy Johns, tell her parents funny jokes, an...

Kaiya Lankhaar

Staff Reporter

Kaiya Lankhaar is a senior at Wenatchee High School, and this is her first year in Apple Leaf. She is DECA President and involved with YoungLife. She enjoys making treats for her dog, and spending time with her friends. Kaiya appreciates people who al...

Evan Depue

Staff Reporter

Evan DePue is a first-year Apple Leaf reporter who is absolutely obsessed with his grandma’s homemade poppyseed chicken. He is excited to be a reporter for The Apple Leaf, as a junior this is his first year partaking in Apple Leaf. He was forced to...

Scarlett Frank

Staff Reporter

First year staff reporter, Scarlett Frank is the owner of the one and only Chomper Frank, an adorable chestnut brown pitbull who loves milk bones and barking at everything that he can see from the living room window. You’ll most likely find Scarlett sleep...

Scarlette Cron

Staff Reporter

 Freshman Scarlette Cron is a first-year reporter for The Apple Leaf. Scarlette appreciates the finer things in life, such as her cats, napping, Gilmore Girls and the simple carbohydrate. Some of Scarlette’s talents include sleeping when she shoul...

Josefina Albert

Staff Reporter

Josefina Albert is a first year staff reporter at The Apple Leaf and a junior at Wenatchee High School. In her free time she enjoys spending time on the Columbia River, eating a variety of frozen fruits, watching Bon Appetit videos, and impersonating her d...

Hunter Milner

Staff Reporter

Hunter is a reporter for the Apple Leaf and is an inspired photographer looking to make it his dream. Raised in a household with three brothers, his mother and grandparents, he spends most of his days listening to music, on his computer or doing homewo...

Chloe Walker

Staff Reporter

Chloe Walker is a first year staff reporter who is looking forward to what her future with the apple leaf holds! She is a positive and motivated sophomore who is excited to express her love of writing with her peers. She is a bookworm with a big heart ...

Makaila LaFreniere

Staff Reporter

Have you seen the girl that runs with a big flag after every touchdown at the football games? Well, that is Makaila LaFreniere the WHS senior that thinks she can sign up for almost everything in the highschool. Makaila is obsessed with anything Disne...

Nyah Hughes

Staff Reporter

Nyah Hughes is a first year staff reporter who is ecstatic to be apart of The Apple Leaf. Starting off her junior year at Wenatchee Valley College, Nyah is doing full time running start at the college in addition to Sports Medicine and Apple Leaf at the ...

Phoebe Cain

Staff Reporter