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Flor Gonzalez
Flor (pronounced  Floor) Gonzalez is a first year journalist who has an awkward yet decent personality. Her favorite activities include talking, listening to music, ranting, scrolling the internet, and reading… comics. She is really bad at paying attention, so if a book has too many words and not enough pictures she probably won’t read it. (She sends her sincerest apologies to all her English teachers.) When it comes to talking, Flor can’t stop. It’s an addiction. It is something that helps her get through the day.  Sharing every single thought that goes through her head is a necessity. Her friends might not like it, but that's besides the point. She also can speak in two languages, English and Spanish, so that doesn’t help her addiction either. Her favorite things on the internet include Dance Moms, Buzzfeed, slam poetry, kpop and memes.

Flor Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Dec 11, 2017
WHS Bowling team topples competitors at Tower Classic Tournament (Story)