Pitbull ft. Megan Thee Stallion and Olivia Rodrigo

Malia Knell

One sunny day, Pitbull decided to go to the car dealership and buy a nice shiny new white buggy. But once he got there, he took a look at the prices and had a realization. “I worked my tail off, but I still can’t pay it off, ” Pitbull thought out loud.

So he decided to go to the car auction instead, thinking it would be cheaper. But once he walked in he saw Megan, Megan Thee Stallion, and instantly knew there would be beef. She saw him as well and gave him a nasty look. Her friend walked up and asked what all the tension was for. She replied, “I broke his lil heart, he is a crybaby.”

Suddenly he got up and walked straight up to her, eyes full of desire. “Meet me at the hotel room,” Pitbull asks. Meghan looks to her left, to her right, and replies “Bring a bucket and a mop.”

They make their way to the hotel and get an Uber in advance, so he offers to take her along. “Work, work, work, senora right into my ride.”

And that’s exactly what thee stallion did. 

Once they get into the hotel, they go up the stairs, trying to avoid any eyes on them. But the second they walk into the room, Pitbull sweats profusely. And they both lock eyes with the one and only, Olivia Rodrigo. “You betrayed me and I know that you’ll never feel sorry” Olivia cries.

As much as Pitbull feels guilty, he knows Olivia is right, Meghan is way better at what she does.  To leave and she just turns around saying her final words, “Do you get deja vu when she’s with you?” then turns to Megan and asks if she feels guilty at all. Megan replies with a simple “want it then I cop it.”

But little do they know Olivia went up to the roof instead of going down, lit a match, then headed down the elevator. 

“Okay let’s start cleaning”, Pitbull says. Midway through their cleaning, Pitbull smells smoke. He casually tells Mehgan “you know the roof is on fire”  

And Megan and Pitbull go down in flames.


Malia Knell

11th grade