Senior Profiles 2022: Taylor Shoengarth

Lynina Amavisca, Staff reporter

Taylor Schoengarth remembers coming to WHS for freshman orientation. During orientation, she met Ignite leader Xavier Martinez. She said her leader made her excited to be a panther and her first day much better. 

“I remember being super excited coming into the high school and being a big kid,” Schoengarth said. She also volunteered for Ignite when she became an upperclassman. 

Schoengarth had many ups and downs during her WHS experience. While it may seem like it, high school isn’t all fun and games. Like many people, Schoengarth struck rock bottom when Covid-19 hit Washington. She said she struggled when it came to schooling online and staying connected to people close to her. She said it was a big change for everyone but luckily with being back in school, we’re able to connect with people in-person rather than through a screen. 

“Coming back in person was amazing, I love being able to see everyone again,” Schoengarth said.

As for sports, Schoengarth has been playing basketball since she was in second grade. Schoengarth’s parents got her into the sport and she never stopped playing since. She played AAU basketball from the third to sixth grade. She’s also been lucky to play on the varsity basketball team at WHS during her junior and senior year. 

Schoengarth moved to Wenatchee when she was three years old. After her move, she started playing soccer; Schogenarth said her mom initiated her passion. 

“My mom wanted me to get involved in something so she put me in soccer and I’ve continued playing since,” Schoengarth said. She played club soccer for five years and played varsity level at WHS during her sophomore, junior and senior year. She played goalie until she dislocated her shoulder. After her injury, she played outside wing.

“I dislocated it during a traditional midnight practice. I went for the ball and accidentally collided with another player. I hit my shoulder wrong and it popped out. I remember being really upset that I couldn’t play goalie anymore,” Schoengarth said. 

Not only is Schoengarth involved in sports, but she is also involved in Younglife. Younglife is a Christian organization for high school teens who want to give back to their community. The group fundraises for charity, attends camps in the summer and meets once a week to play games and talk about the Bible. Schoengarth enjoys the interactions she has with people around the community. She’s happy that she’s able to make a difference and put smiles on people’s faces.

“I worked at Dippin’ Dots this spring and I would give little kids their ice cream. It made me happy to see smiles on their faces,”  Schoengarth said. 

Along with Young Life, Schoengarth has been greatly involved in ASB and is serving this year as the Senior class president. After high school, Schoengarth plans to attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix in the fall. She hopes to play club basketball at GCU and plans to study nursing. Her interest in healthcare came from her parents. Schoengarths mom is an operating nurse and her stepdad is an orthopedic surgeon. Growing up around healthcare workers inspired her to want to become one herself. She remembers shadowing her stepdad while he performed surgeries. She said she’s watched a total knee replacement and a carpal tunnel repair. After nursing school, Schoengarth is interested in going into PA school. Scoengarth’s parents were excited when she stated she wanted to continue her education after high school and were even more excited when said she wanted a career in healthcare. 

“I’ve grown up around healthcare workers and it has always sparked my interest,” Schoengarth said. 

“My mom was thrilled when I told her I wanted to go into the medical field. She has pushed and helped me to reach my goals, to always dream big,” Schoengarth said.