The Apple Leaf

Nyah Hughes, Staff Reporter

Nyah Hughes is a first year staff reporter who is ecstatic to be apart of The Apple Leaf. Starting off her junior year at Wenatchee Valley College, Nyah is doing full time running start at the college in addition to Sports Medicine and Apple Leaf at the highschool. Although still technically a high school student, Nyah plans on spending every second possible as far away from the high school that she can, as she has HAD (high school animosity disorder). When she isn’t showing her love in affection through baked goods, she is avidly obsessing over fat fluffy cats, watching “The Great British Baking Show” and playing Minecraft. Nyah request gifts of donuts, grapes and yarn to fuel her knitting addiction; if you are lucky, you may receive a hat or a scarf as payment. Please contact her at [email protected] and send her lots of pictures of fluffy cats. 

All content by Nyah Hughes