Wenatchee Protests


Mckenna White, editor

Last night, hundreds of people lined both sides of Chelan Avenue to protest the death of George Floyd. This event was organized by Jess Smesh and Kitty Parker. As cars drove by, protestors raised their signs that dealt with everything from police brutality to the black lives matter movement. At six, the crowd gathered around the steps of the courthouse where two men, including John O. Steward Jr., spoke about their experiences growing up while being black.

After the speeches, the crowd marched down Chelan Avenue, turning right on Yakima and marching in front of the police department. The memorial was peaceful with lots of positive reactions from the cars driving by. Chants such as “no justice, no peace” and “whose lives matter? Black lives matter” could be heard from blocks away.

At around 7:30, the protestors took a knee. As people drove by, they silently held out their signs. Soon after, the protestors fell to the ground. Many held their arms behind their backs to show solidarity with Floyd.