WHS students, should there be year-round school?


Ellie Lewis, In-Depth Editor

Earlier this year, Senator Brad Hawkins, along with many others, proposed a bill suggesting the need for our schools to transition to a year-round school schedule. The bill would allow up to 50 school districts (30 from western Washington and 20 from eastern Washington) to voluntarily participate in year-round school, with an additional 30 days of funding beyond the 180 days that the state currently provides.

The bill also includes financial incentives for districts seeking to spread their existing 180 days over a 12-month school calendar. Depending on the outcomes, Legislature could consider expansion to all schools in future years.

Since then, the bill has been passed and if the Wenatchee School District decides to adopt the year-round schedule it would begin in the school year 2022-23.


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