Senior Sunrise


Photo by Ashton McMahon

Everything is quiet and still. Darkness covers everything in sight and then the rays of sunlight start to creep out of the hills of Wenatchee.

“This practice of watching the sunrise has been a positive impact on the senior class for a long time,” said Danielle Schafer-Cloke, head of the Associate Student Body (ASB.)

Senior Sunrise is a student-organized event and is put on by Wenatchee High School’s senior senate. Ashton McMahon, a member of the senior senate helped organized the gathering this past Monday (Sept.12) at Walla Walla Point Park. She said the seniors met around 6 a.m., wrapped themselves in blankets and watched the nonexistent sunrise. The air quality that morning was over 100.

“We got around the smoke and still had a lot of fun. I even made connections with new people and bonded with everyone overall.” McMahon said.

After the sun came up the seniors enjoyed a good cup of coffee and pancakes baked by the senior senate. This event, “Senior Sunrise,” conveys the start of the seniors last year and helps bring the class closer together.