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Liliana Cruz

Liliana Cruz, Staff Reporter

Liliana Cruz, also known as Lili, is a first-year reporter for The Apple Leaf who enjoys reading fictional novels and listening to music in her free time. Lili loves everything from spending time with her family and friends to visiting art and photography galleries in the neighboring cities. You’ll often find Lili scrolling through various social media accounts as she nods along to her ever-changing music playlist. She enjoys reading and writing poetry and hopes to one day publish her own book or at least help others publish theirs. Lili is also the literal definition of a Maladaptive Daydreamer (that is, of course, if you ignore the fact that she self-diagnosed herself using WebMD). Lili can generally be found sitting on the floor due to her immense clumsiness, even though she blames it on the earth rotating too fast causing her to lose her balance. If for whatever reason you wish to contact her, you could always talk to her at school - that is, if she’s not too busy day dreaming about talking animals - but don’t worry, you can always reach her at [email protected]

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