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WHS celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in style

Jackson Powell, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2015

Green is the color, Ireland is the country, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. A celebration of Irish culture in the United States, this holiday excites a large section of the population to celebrate the history of their own cultures,...

Required reading: The student perspective

Jessica Wierzbicki, Staff Reporter

February 20, 2015

Through out every grade in high school, students have to trudge through a grueling English class with piles, upon piles, of homework and months of sleep deprivation. But amidst all of the essays and letters that they have to write,...

Perfect rainy day reads

Stephanie Iverson, Staff Reporter

February 11, 2015

— Ruby Red is the first book in a trilogy by Kerstin Gier where the main character Gwyneth Shepard, who was raised into a family of Time Travelers where only few gifted the gene, every couple generations. Gwyn didn’t know s...

Top five albums that tell a story

Daniel Arndt, Staff Reporter

January 15, 2015

“Because The Internet” by Childish Gambino (2013): The greatest story ever told, the modernized Great Gatsby… TOLD THROUGH MUSIC. Taken from real life experiences, “The Kid” is a ridiculously rich kid who lives in hi...

Christmas: Movie and music reviews for your holiday

Stephanie Iverson and Emily Cieslak

December 17, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life — 1947 The glistening of the lights, the snow that falls while family and friends cozy up around the fire and the Christmas tree. Now, if you listen closely you hear the bells, the chiming noise th...

Six string sensation

Six string sensation

November 26, 2014